About Us

SportyChimp.com is a spin off from SqueakyChimp.com. With Sporty Chimp, we wanted to target the athletic community and though a new website would emerge.

SportyChimp.com is what happens when you combine an Artist from Spain & a web designer from the USA. A few beers later a fashion line is born.

All of our designs are printed with latest t-shirt printing technology (DTG). We use eco-friendly, water based Inks to print our apparel. This gives the apparel a softer, more comfortable feel compared to traditional screen print but it is just as durable.

We offer international shipping to any country in the world.

Meet The Team – Real People


Jennifer Santolla

Jennifer is a web designer / entrepreneur by trade. She has several start-up websites such as MyJobMonkey and sells templates for eCommerce platforms. As well as a web design / print marketing career monkeysaysmoo.com.

Jennifer has worked with Juan Carlos for several years before coming up with the idea to start a streetwear fashion line.


Juan Carlos Cruz

Juan Carlos is a Character Animator by trade working on theatre animation, games and video. It was his character animation that inspired Jennifer to build a fashion line

Juan Carlos has a crazy brain which reflects in his cartoon designs. He is constantly animating and drawing. View other work by Juan Carlos here. Juan Carlos designed all the characters for the tshirt designs.